Car Key Replacement Jacksonville

We are a local locksmith in Jacksonville, and key replacement experts. We can make new keys, and provide auto lockout services. If you have locked your keys in the car call us today, and we can get you rolling again quickly.

Looking for a locksmith near me, look no further. We have the proper high tech equipment it takes to make the types of keys required for today’s newer vehicles.

Have a broken key, or problems with your ignition not turning? We can can help with that as well!

If you have lost or damaged your car key or you have a keyless entry remote that isn’t functional anymore, call the team at Secured Lock! Secured Lock has been proudly providing a variety of locksmith services in Jacksonville, FL for over 10 years. We have years of expertise, advanced key cutting equipment, and reprogramming equipment. No matter the make or model of your car, our team has the experience needed to replace any car key or remote with a new one that will function efficiently and effectively!

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Car Key Duplication

As far as its spare car key production, we are in the big league. No relegation. We understand the ugly side of being stranded because you have accidentally locked yourself out of your four-wheel drive. Duplicating your car key is a lot more cost-effective than getting another copy from your manufacturer. In a matter of hours, we can help you out, as opposed to the couple of days or a few weeks your automobile maker would take to complete your request.

Local Locksmith Jacksonville automotive locksmiths employ trendy and effective equipment to cut your new key, so there’s no such thing as roughness around the edges or production glitches. We are fast with delivery and can get your duplicate to your door or place of work, as far as it is in Jacksonville.

Car Key Extraction

Keys, like nearly everything else in life, do not last forever. Whether it is by breaking them while trying to ignite your car engine or unconsciously dropping them somewhere, they will eventually have an afterlife somehow. Nevertheless, there’s isn’t much reason it has to be a disaster when your keys finally decide to move on. Calling in an automotive locksmith is the perfect way to salvage the situation.

Local Locksmith experts can extract your key from the ignition. Barring already fractured, broken or stuck keys, they can get the job done without causing damage to the ignition. Thanks to their extensive training and knowledge of the right solutions, getting the job done collateral damage-free is guaranteed. Whether the locks are frozen, rusty, dirty, jammed or just about mechanically possessed, our locksmiths are up to the task.

Replacement Of Ignition Cylinder

When the lifespan of your ignition cylinder reaches injury time, it is bound to give in to even the smallest amount of pressure. When this happens, you need the service of automotive locksmiths, to get it replaced ASAP. Thanks to years and a diversity of experience with a multiplicity of car models, our locksmiths won’t disappoint getting you a fresh cylinder installation.

Should it be possible to repair the cylinder and if that’s the way you want it, we can make things work. Nevertheless, this isn’t always a possibility. So there is a need to keep your mind open to alternative solutions in case repairs don’t come through.

Car Key Programming Service for all makes and models of vehicles

These days, all vehicles are manufactured with a chip inside the key. In fact, most car manufacturers started using keys with a chip in 1998. When you want to start your vehicle, the chip inside the key sends a signal to the car computer and only by verifying the signal from the key chip you will be able to start the engine.

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Types Of Car Keys

Different vehicle brands, makes, and models use different types of keys. Whether your key is mechanical or electronic, we can provide you with quick and reliable replacements!


Wafer keys are easily identifiable due to the grooves that run along both sides of their blade. These serrations are carved into the top and bottom of the blade, so the key can be inserted regardless of which side is on top. While these keys are convenient, they aren’t always the most secure. However, if desired, our locksmiths can insert transponder chips for added security.


Key fobs or — as they’re colloquially known — beepers are the electronic pieces attached to most keys used for remotely locking, unlocking, and opening car doors. Modern fobs can even start your car’s engine at the press of a button. Fobs make accessing our cars easy, and losing one is frustrating. Luckily, our auto locksmiths can provide and program replacement fobs.


Slider keys have snake-like serrations that run along their blades. These are more modern keys for modern vehicles, and often have a blade that can be tucked into the fob and released with the press of a button. Unlike the straight carvings of a wafer key, sliders have grooves of varying dimensions. Our technicians can cut new slider keys on-site!

Transponder Keys

For added security, transponder keys use a two-part system. They have the traditional key, such as a wafer or slider, and a transponder chip that sends an electronic signal when inserted into the ignition. Cars with this key will not start up unless a transponder chip programmed for the vehicle’s transceiver is inserted. These keys are a luxury, and if lost, can be replaced and reprogrammed by our technicians.